Workout videos

Need some ideas for your workout? Whether it’s in the gym, in the hotel, or on the beach, I’ve got you covered with these quick and effective workouts!

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Booty Band workout

If you’re travelling, pack a booty band with you! Easy to workout any time, anywhere, and it’s so tiny it’ll easily fit in your bag.

In this lower body workout, do 20 of each exercise, and perform the circuit three times.


Booty bands aren’t just for booties! You can get a great upper body workout with a booty band as well. Here’s a few ideas for exercises you can do anywhere.


Beach workouts

Beaches are awesome places to work out – the sand provides great resistance! Just don’t forget to apply your sunscreen!

Perform each of these circuits three times.

Strength circuit


Cardio circuit

Hotel workouts

Sometimes you get lucky when travelling and come across a hotel gym that at least has a few weights and a bench. There’s plenty you can do with that to get a great workout!

Perform each circuit three times.

Arms/upper body


Lower body




No gym? No problem! There’s plenty of exercises you can do in your own hotel room that will still work up a sweat and get you strong!



Stretching is super important – it keeps you moving the way you were designed to, and helps you recover more quickly from those big workouts. Try to hold each stretch for at least 30 seconds.