Let’s go with keto!

Our next eight-week challenge starts at Raw by Bek this Sunday, which means it’s time for me to start my next diet roadtest for 2018. I’m going to be test driving the latest diet fad – keto.

If you haven’t heard of the keto diet, it’s basically high fat, low protein, and super-low carbs. Seriously low – we’re talking less than 15g a day.


Image source: https://www.ruled.me/guide-keto-diet/#what-to-eat


The idea is that you body starts to process more fats as energy, rather than carbohydrates. I’m going to be following the 30-day keto plan sold on this site.

I’ll be honest right here – I’m not too keen on this eating plan at all. High-fat diets, even natural fats, carry risks, like high cholesterol. There’s also minimal fibre, so not great for gut health. And I have the added complicating factor of having no gall bladder (which produces bile to help break down fat), so I’m not sure how well my body will digest this diet anyway.

In addition, with the amount of training I do (usually twice a day), and a full-time job that requires my brain to be functioning, I am concerned by the huge drop in carbohydrates and natural sugars, at least until the ketosis kicks in. So you’ll probably get a few rants from me about that, or at least some posts on instagram that were put there in a state of delirium and I’ll later regret.

There’s also ‘ketoproof tea’ I have to drink for breakfast for the first week which sounds super gross – brew your tea, then throw in butter and coconut oil and beat until frothy (or until it looks somewhat desirable). Cue vomit.

What I do like about this meal plan is the design – they’ve included a lot of recipes that can be made in bulk, and it assumes people do work full time. I am, however, either going to have to suck it up and eat red meat and pork, or find a good alternative that still meets the macros, as it’s definitely not a vegetarian or pescatarian diet!

So, here we go! Wish me luck, dear readers. The next four weeks are definitely going to be interesting!

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