Diet roadtest: on the home stretch

As I enter the final week of my diet roadtest, there is a massive sigh of relief building and a definite waning of commitment.

I’m not going to lie – I’ve almost completely transitioned back to my usual eating habits over the past few days. I simply can’t take any more eggs. Seriously. Nor can I continue to eat fish and veggies as my mid-morning meal.

I think part of the problem not only lies in a restrictive diet, but also because I’m not doing this to achieve a specific goal. I’m simply doing it for ‘funsies’. I’m just not motivated enough to stick to a food plan like this.

So has it worked though? Well, it’s hard to tell given I haven’t been 100 per cent committed, I was coming off the back of the Christmas/birthday/new year period, and I’ve upped my training a little.

But we’ll find out this weekend when we have our end-of-challenge weigh-in at Raw by Bek.

So my ‘regular’ eating plan was in force today, and it looked like this:

  • Half a banana before and after class this morning, along with a protein shake immediately after the workout.
  • Breakfast – overnight oats with protein powder, cinnamon, and chia seeds. Mostly because I forgot to prep my cardboard pancake.
  • Morning tea – Quest protein bar.
  • Lunch – tofu, brocolli, and roast sweet potato dressed with Cocomino sweet chilli sauce.
  • Afternoon snack – carrot sticks and hummus
  • After evening class – protein shake
  • Dinner – grilled salmon and kaleslaw salad.

And I’ll be honest – I indulged in a bit of chocolate today too because #life

So, stay tuned to my Instastory (@mel.loy) on Saturday morning for the results!

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