2018: Year of the Diet Roadtest

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know that in 2018 I’m going to be roadtesting a series of fad, celebrity, or clinical diets and bringing you the truth about what works and what doesn’t.

I’ll be trialling each diet for eight weeks to coincide with each of the eight-week challenges we run throughout the year at Raw by Bek.

Diet test #1: The fitness celebrity diet

Our first challenge for the year kicks off tomorrow (Saturday, 13 January), and this time around I’m roadtesting a bodybuilder diet by US fitness model Jamie Eason – aptly called Jamie Eason’s Livefit 12-week Trainer . It involves eating six high-protein meals a day, including 10 egg whites (yes, TEN!), no carbs after 7pm, and loads of veggies.

I am going to allow myself one cheat meal a week (after all, I still have a life!), and will be having before-and-after body scans and photos. I’m looking forward to being able to report back honestly on the pros and cons of the eating plan, but not looking forward to 8 weeks of no chocolate or wine :(.

Along with documenting my experiences via Instagram, I’ll continue to post informative articles here about a range of other health- and fitness-related topics, so you won’t miss out on the ‘meaty stuff’.

Wish me luck – I think I’m going to need it!



Is there an eating plan that’s interested you that you’d like to know more about, or you’d like me to road test this year? Hit me one!

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