5 ways to feel better about your Christmas feasting

The big day is almost here- Christmas Day! Like many other people out there, I’m looking forward to spending time with family and friends, watching the young ‘uns play with their new toys, and, of course, eating. Eating all the food. Drinking all the wine.

But, what I’m not looking forward to, is that feeling after I’ve eaten the equivalent of my body weight in food. Or how all that extra sugar makes me go a bit psycho and then crash spectacularly.

So, here’s my top 5 tips for avoiding the feeling of ‘bluuuurgh’ while still enjoying yourself.

1. Drink lots of water

Whether or not you’re drinking alcohol, staying hydrated is super important. If you live in the southern hemisphere, our Christmas Day is typically stinking hot. And here in Brisbane, we have the added joy of humidity. So staying hydrated will help you avoid headaches and keep your energy up. Lots of water is also going to help you flush out your system and aid your digestive system. Win-win.

2. Go for a walk

Yes, I know it’s probably the last thing you feel like doing. But a gentle stroll in the evening, between lunch and dinner, is going to help digestion and give you that feeling that ‘well, at least I’ve done SOME exercise today’!

3. Get your greens and your proteins

Look at your plate and aim for 1/3 protein, 1/3 greens/vegies, and 1/3 carbs. And to avoid the bluuuurgh, keep portions under control during dinner or lunch. Think about one palm full of each of your foods. Apart from making you feel less stuffed, you’ll have room for dessert – hooray!

4. Take your time

The sight of all that delicious food can make us jump in and stuff it down as quickly as possible! But take your time to savour the taste, talk and drink water during the meal. This will help you digest the food more easily, but it will also mean you’ll feel fuller without having eaten as much, as you’ve given the food time to reach your tummy.

5. Plan ahead for leftovers

Look at all that food and consider how you might be able to make it last over a few days. You’ll probably have loads of leftovers. Use this as your opportunity for a bit of meal prep – divide up the leftover food into portion-controlled meals. It might encourage you to take it a bit easier on Christmas Day if you know you can stretch out the deliciousness over a few days!


Most important, remember that it’s only one day of the year – eating a second slice of pav will not kill you. One glutton-filled day will not make you fat or unfit, just like one salad will not make you healthy. Just be smart about it, and enjoy yourself in the process!

Merry Christmas! xo

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