Let’s get started!

Your first PT session might be a little daunting. You may not know your personal trainer well, if at all, and they’re about to ask you a lot of questions! You might also be new to exercise or managing an injury, and that can lead to nerves as well.

So to help you feel a little more comfortable, here’s what to expect at your first PT session with me. You’ll need to arrive at least 15-20 minutes before your first session so we can run through a few things, and then get into the fun stuff.

  1. The tour: If you haven’t been to our studio before, I’ll give you a quick tour to help you start to feel at home.
  2. The health and safety stuff: We need to fill out the paperwork. This includes an exercise screening questionnaire so I know if there’s anything I need to look out for. If you do have a medical condition or injury, it would be helpful if you could bring along a letter from your doctor, physio, or other medical professional that states you’re fit to train, and stipulates any exercises we should/should not be doing.
  3. Goal setting: This part is great – we get to talk through what you’re hoping to achieve and map out a plan to get you there. We’ll keep tweaking the plan as time goes on, but we’re establishing our starting point. We’ll talk through your nutrition as well as your fitness, and look at ways we can improve both.
  4. Time to train! Your training program will entirely depend on the outcome we’re trying to achieve. Typically, though, it will involve circuits using a mixture of strength, resistance, and cardio training.
  5. Cool down: We’ll then do a quick stretch to cool down and you’ll be on your way, buzzing with the endorphins flooding your system!

Don’t be shy – get in touch today and let’s chat about achieving your goals. I’m here to help!


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